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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to itsegment.net! As a user of IT Segment, you should follow these rules below.

Rules for comment:

1. To leave a comment on any article you must have to logged in your account.

2. Your comment will be published without any moderation. So, you should leave comment in your own responsibility.

3. You should use only necessary links in comment. If it contain any other links for  promoting yourself, it will be cosidered as spam and will be deleted.

4. Your comment should not be aggressive to others.

5. IT Segment and its author will not be responsible for your comment.

Writing rules:

1. Your article must have proper readable and understandable English. It should have proper spellings, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and correct sentence structure. The phrase used should be simple and easy to understand and targeted to explain to a normal user with generic technical experience.  There should not be unnecessary repetition of a particular word.

2. Your article can contain a very limited use of known words from other languages if their meaning is also explained in English.

3. Your article should not encourage or depict profanity, hatred, pornography, and child abuse or, any communal or other undesirable controversy. Reasonable personal views are allowed provided they are not in bad taste.

4. Your article should not contain duplicate content from other articles elsewhere on web or other forums.

5. Your articles should not be used for self-promotion, advertisement or to elicit publicity in any form or manner.

6. Your article should be informative and should be targeted to enhance the general awareness in users about tech topics.

7. Your articles should not be negatively targeted to any particular person or an enterprise or any particular product or service. It should not be used as a forum to write personal bad experience about a person or a company or an enterprise.

8. Your article should not be reformatted or be a rehashed copy of yours or anyone’s earlier submitted article on our website.

9. Your article should not contain any message to donate anything to any person or any other entity.

10. Your article should not contain any offer or require any action on part of reader to contact you in any manner.

11. You can use reasonable links in your articles. There should not be unnecessary repetition of links.

12. Your articles should not be written as newsfeed or have matters which are applicable for very limited time bound period.

13. Your articles should not be written as emails or personal correspondence.

14. Your articles should not contain any present controversial topic and should not reduce the good web experience of user.

15. The posting of article does not guarantee that your article is free from all defects. Any problem noticed later can lead to removal of article from website at the sole instance of author.


IT Segment and its author reserve the right to issue or add or modify existing guidelines in any manner or of any magnitude from time to time at their sole option.

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