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World’s Fastest Supercomputer

We all know about supercomputer which can process trillions of data in a second. At present the world fastest supercomputer is Tianhe-2 which had made in china. It is the next series of Tianhe-1 supercomputer. In 2010, Tianhe-1 was the world’s fastest supercomputer. The list of fastest 10 supercomputer’s in ...

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Shortcut keys of microsoft windows!!!

Sometimes we have to do a lot of work within short time on computer. But, using both mouse and keyboard we kill our time. You can use these shortcut keys below to do your work easily without time killing. Shortcut keys of  Microsoft Windows: 1. CTRL+C  [Copy] 2. CTRL+X  [Cut] 3. CTRL+V  [Paste] 4. CTRL+Z  [Undo] 5. DELETE  [Delete] 6. SHIFT+DELETE   [Delete permanently] 7. F2 Key  [selected item Rename] 8. CTRL+A  [Select all] 9. F3 key  [Search a file or a folder] 10. ALT+ENTER  [View selected item properties] ...

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Information Technology (IT).

IT means information technology. It has become the buzz word in the world . No one is out of it . We all are related to it directly or indirectly. Our development is much dependent on it . It has risen us to the top floor of development . Technology ...

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