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Make virus that disable your mouse

computer viruses are helpfull and harmfull to us. but need virus to run our pc. today we will make a batch virus which is harmfull it will disable your mouse. so think before trying it on yourself. To make the virus you have to open Notepad and copy below codes ...

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Solve Brightness problem on linux.

In Linux machines has some problem with brightness. every-time when we restart the computer the brightness level will be at its maximum or minimum and then we need to manually set the brightness to a comfortable level. To solve this issue here I share a small script.     First ...

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Easily download Android Apps to your PC

 Happy New Year. Most of us are using Andriod device. We always download apps from the Google Play Store with our smartphone. We may notice that we can’t download apps from Google Play Store via our PC. Today I am telling you how to download Android Apps in via your PC. Just ...

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Secrets To Finding An Amazing Web Host

What if you had problems with your website, but couldn’t use your control panel to fix it? Nowadays, many people build their own websites while taking advantage of the easy to use tools that good web hosts have to offer. Use these tips to find a web host which will ...

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Pendrive not Formatting ???

Pendrive is a very useful derive for us. Sometime we can’t format our pendrive when it is affected by virus. If it so happens then we have to format it in alternative way. At first we have try the simple method of formatting. “Right- click” on the drive and click ...

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Incrase your internet speed

We all know that a slow internet connection really costs time and makes feel annoying . many friends ask me the ways to increase their internet speed.however . it’s possible to do to some extent and make your internet much better than it was in the past. There are Two ...

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