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Shortcut keys for Facebook

Facebook is a one of the largest social network in the present world. It helps us to connect with our friends. Today I an going to share some shortcut key of facebook with you. By using it you can save your time. These keys will be different for various operating ...

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Secret codes of ANDROID

Android is a linux-based operating system which is designed for smartphones basically.Smartphones have a good share of tip codes.I also found some secret and interesting codes which can enable or disable lots of hidden settings in the mobile phone.You can also find many useful information about your android phone by ...

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Shortcut keys of microsoft windows!!!

Sometimes we have to do a lot of work within short time on computer. But, using both mouse and keyboard we kill our time. You can use these shortcut keys below to do your work easily without time killing. Shortcut keys of  Microsoft Windows: 1. CTRL+C  [Copy] 2. CTRL+X  [Cut] 3. CTRL+V  [Paste] 4. CTRL+Z  [Undo] 5. DELETE  [Delete] 6. SHIFT+DELETE   [Delete permanently] 7. F2 Key  [selected item Rename] 8. CTRL+A  [Select all] 9. F3 key  [Search a file or a folder] 10. ALT+ENTER  [View selected item properties] ...

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Tricks To Reset Memory card password in Nokia.

If you have a symbian phone and you have forgotten your memory card password. If you have a symbian phone and you have forgotten your memory card password. Then you can easily get your password by using this simple trick. This trick works only on nokia symbian phones not on ...

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Turn off start up program and speed up your PC

Sometimes we suffer slow startup problem on windows caused by auto startup software. Now, I shall tell you how to turn off unnecessary start up programme and speed up your PC. At first, go to start>All Programs>Accessories>Click on run, or hold Start key and press ‘R’. A window will appear ...

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