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Something Advance of Windows Fire wall !!!!!

In my previous post I discuss about Windows10 fire wall rules and settings. Now I’m telling about something advanced with the topic. Advanced Firewall Settings The real fun, though, is if you want to mess around with the advanced firewall settings. This is obviously not for the faint of heart, ...

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Windows10 fire wall rules and settings!!!!!!

Networks security has become one of the major part in age of IT . One of the biggest things is to protect our personal computer.A study goes that about 15% of users are now using windows 10.To defend unwanted files,virus,tracking,harmful soft wares the first things comes our mind that is ...

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Email bombing and its secure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email bombing: In Internet usage, an email bomb is a form of net abuse consisting of sending huge volumes of email to an address in an attempt to overflow the mailbox or overwhelm the server where the email address is hosted in a denial-of-service attack.It is the most irritating things ...

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Why error 404?????

  Error 404  is the most recognized problem message that provide by the HTTP server.Error 404 or not found is the standard response code of Hypertext Transfer Protocol.It means client is able to communicate with the server but server couldn’t able to find the requested page. Causes of the error ...

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How online judge works?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

How online judge works!!!!!!.Its becomes the main question  for the  new comer in comparative programming.when they submit a few problems in the online judge it comes to their mind how judge treat their program.Because of getting wrong answer a few questions comes out from mind like *is there any problem ...

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