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Unfortunately the process com.android.systemui has stopped?

Since the recent update to the Google app, owners of older Samsung smartphones have been receiving notices saying “unfortunately, the process com.android.systemui has stopped” whenever they press the home key to exit the app. The good news is that, fortunately, this problem can be resolved. Samsung smartphone users with the old Android ...

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Take advantage while browsing

Take advantage of tabbed browsing Take full advantage of tabbed browsing on all Internet browsers. While reading an article or browsing a website, you may come across a link that interests you. Any link to another page can be opened in a new tab so it does not interrupt your ...

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Backup websites with HTTrack!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you can download websites for offline browsing and it can be a life saver. Maybe you need to showcase a website to a customer at their location or review resources while commuting to work. When you backup websites you can do all this and more. Having access to a full website ...

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Enable two step verification in WhatsApp!!!!!!

WhatsApp is now offering two-step verification to all of its 1.2 billion users worldwide. Once enabled this will make it a lot trickier for someone to hack into your WhatsApp account. We therefore encourage everyone to enable two-step verification on their WhatsApp right now. In April 2016, WhatsApp enabled end-to-end ...

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Install a Custom ROM on Your Android Device!!!

The ability use custom ROMs is one of the great joys of Android. A custom ROM contains a whole new build of the Android operating system. To be able to install — or flash, as it’s known — a ROM offers huge benefits. If your phone no longer gets updates ...

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Mod your android for better Gaming….

Android gaming is good, but it could be better. Many problems with playing games on your Android phone or tablet can be traced to other software and system hardware, but these issues occur because you’re using the device like a phone or tablet, rather than a gaming machine. The secret ...

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search offline with google!!

Google has updated the Google Search app with a key new feature. This update means you can now queue web searches even when you’re offline. The idea is to enable people with spotty network coverage to still use Google all day, every day, regardless of their network coverage. Before this ...

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Top three cloud antivirus!!!

In my previous post I had discussed about cloud antivirus ,how it work and how to secure cloud storage . you may like also cloud anti virus working method you may like also how to secure cloud Now its high time to secure your cloud with cloud antivirus.There are a lot of ...

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How to secure cloud??

No more having to bring your thumb drives or portable hard disks along wherever you go because cloud-based storage services are here to stay. From Google Drive to Dropbox, these cloud solutions store your data online and provide you with the ease of accessing them at any place and time ...

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