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MD Maruf Billah

Co-Founder and CEO at IT Segment. Studying Computers and Information at Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Developer

Every Experience developer has a dream like to write clean and reusable code which one help to develop project smoothly. The framework is the best option for that. There are several reasons a developer would want to choose a framework, most notably because they offer a structured, efficient fast-track towards ...

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Best Chromebooks of 2017

A Chromebook is an lightweight laptop that runs Chrome OS, an operating system that uses a Web browser (Chrome) as its primary interface and focuses on Web apps and online storage. A Chromebook is ideal for someone who spends all their computing time in a browser: checking email and social networks, ...

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Customize your avatar in Pokémon Go Gen 2

Pokémon Go in version 0.57.2, also known as Gen 2, added many, many exiting features to customize avatar with a new UI. In addition to a number of new styles and clothing options. Here’s everything you need to know about the new avatar customization. You can access customization menu from inside the ...

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How to create Motion Paths in Power Point

The best thing about PowerPoint is the animation. Building motion into slideshows makes them come alive like no static images could ever hope to do. It’s going to get even more interesting when PowerPoint gets 3D capabilities with the Windows 10 Creators Update due in early 2017. In order to ...

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Get iOS-style VIP alerts in Gmail for Android

Not everyone wants their Android phone to ding every time an email arrives. Many of us don’t even need Android alerts for every message that Gmail thinks is important. Instead, you might want notifications only for email messages from your most important friends and loved ones—your VIPs, as it were. ...

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