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See Through Wallpaper for iPhone X

Thanks to ifixit.org for introducing wallpapers by using which you can make your iPhone X more attractive. It will look like all the internal parts are seen from the top. You just need to download these photos and use them as wallpaper. iFixit released two versions of the photo. One is ...

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Download Windows 10 ISO from Official Site

Sometimes we feel confused about from where we should download the ISO file of Windows 10. Cause, many sites has buggy ISO’s which shows problems after the setup. So, here we will follow a little trick to download the ISO directly from the official site of Microsoft. Let’s See. 1. ...

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How to Activate Windows with Microsoft Toolkit

Hello everyone, how are you all. Today I will show you how to activate Windows. We will use Microsoft Toolkit for activating windows. This app is suitable for all version of Windows such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 too. Let’s see how to activate windows. ...

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Download any .apk files from PlayStore

In my last blog, I showed you how to run android apps on Google Chrome. Now I will show you how to download all .apk file. It’s very easy simple. Go to Google Play Store. Select the app you want to download. Go to the app page. Copy the last ...

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Run any Android Apps using Chorme

Yes, it’s possible to run Android apps in your PC only using Google Chrome. It’s better than other Apps Player as this will not slowdown your system. The only drawback is you can only play one apps at a time. Let’s see how to do this: Install Google Chrome & ...

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Delete Windows.old folder and Save a Lot of Storage

Recently I installed the latest windows 10 insider build and I found a very mysterious thing. It happens to all of windows user if you do not install Windows without formatting the hard drive or upgrade to a new insider build. Windows creates a windows.old folder in the hard drive ...

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Clone any app in your Android Phone

Android do not allow users to install same app twice. But sometimes we really need two copy of the same app. Like, if you have more than one Clash of Clan ID, then you need to switch account with a lot of hassle. But if there are two app, then ...

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Get Windows 10 Creator’s Update, Right Now!

If you already read ITSegment review : Windows 10 Creators Update, then I am sure that you want to get it now. But unfortunately, the auto update will take some time, may be few hours, few days or month to reach in your PC. Then, what will you do? Be cool. ...

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Enjoy youtube in Dark Mode on Chrome

Youtube dark mode is a hidden feature which you can activate just by following the simple steps below: Go to Youtube. Click right mouse and go to Inspect (or Press Ctrl + Shift + I on windows & Option +Command+I on Mac) Now go to console. Paste the following code in the ...

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