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Hack your Symbian Phone easily.

When you go to install some interesting and important software in Symbian phone, its shown “certificate error, expired or file corrupted”. Its very disgusting! To get rid of this problem , you have to hack your phone. A symbian phone without hacking is useless. Hacking a Symbian phone has many ways depending on handset model. Here I have presented a simple way to hack a Symbian phone. It works 100%. No PC is needed in this case.
The procedure is….
1. First of all you have to download the softwares to start the process. I have given these below.Norton Symbian Hack
( You dont need to download if you already have it)
Rom patcher plus
2. Now install Norton Symbian Hack and open it in your phone and launch it.


3. Select or click on “Antivirus”. It shows some option.


4.Select “Quarantine list”. On Quarantine list there will be three files that makes the symbian not to check for certificate, then select “Options”. Some options will be shown and than select “Restore all”. You will be asked for confirmation. Click yes.






5. Now you have to exit and go to your application manager and remove the programme named “Symmantec symbian hack”


6. You need to delete the folder C:/Shared from phone, but the default file manager doesn’t allow to delete it. So you have to open X-plore and press 0 to configure settings (Or go to Menu>>tools>>configuration). Check the box ” Show system files/folders”.


7. Then delete the folder named “Shared” from phone memory.
8. Now install the Rom patcher. Then launch the application and you will see 2 items there. Go to “Options”>> All patches>> Apply.

9.The two options are- “Open4 all Rp”- its for full access to file system. “Installserver Rp”- its for installing any unsigned app.
Now if you can see “Install server Rp” and “Open4 all Rp” both options are shown green, your phone is hacked successfully.


If Install server Rp isn’t shown green or showing red cross,


you have to download the zip file given below..
All Install Server.
Open the zip file with X-plore and copy suitable installserver.exe for your handset model to C:sys/bin.

After doing all this steps, Restart your phone, just for refresh it.
Thats all. Now your mobile is hacked. You can install any unsigned app or game without any problem. And enjoy..

N:B: 1.You would have to delete any AntiVirus on your phone before performing this operation.
2.Install all softwares in phone memory.

3.Never remove Rom Patcher Plus.

4.If it shows Expired during installation of Norton Symbian Hack.sisx , do hard reset your mobile and try again.
5. Hack your mobile with your own responsibility.

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