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The Operating Systems you have never heard..

Most of us know only Windows, Mac and Linux as Operating Systems of computer. But there are more Operating Systems. But we dont know about these. They couldn’t gained popularity like Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. Again some of these were developed only for particular purposes. Let us know some of these Operating Systems.


Its an open source computer Operating System intended to be binary compatible with application software and device drivers made for Microsoft Windows NT versions 5.x and up. At first it was named free Win 95 because the developers wanted to make it a clone of Windows 95 in early 1998. In 2004, its 0.2.1 versions released and it worked with all windows softwares. Now its latest version is 0.3.15.





2. Be OS.

Its an Operating System for personal computers which began developing by Be Inc. in 1991. It was first written to run on BeBox hardware. It was built for digital media work and was written to take advantage of modern hardware facilities. It was positioned as a multimedia platform which could be used by a supstantial population of desktop users and a competitor to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.







The BeOS lost its popularity in the last part of 1990 decade. Than an open source Operating System compatible with BeOS was created named Haiku. Its development began in 2001, and the Operating System became self – hosting in 2008. Its first milestone was in September,2009 with the release of Haiku R1/ Alpha 1. Its interface is very easy and simple.







Its the proprietary native Operating System of the Amiga personal computer. It was developed first by Commodore International and introduced with the launch of the first Amiga, the Amiga 1000, in 1985. Early versions of Amiga Operating System required the Motorola 68000 series of 16-bit and 32-bit micro-processors. Its latest update is Amiga OS 4.1, it has been re-written with full 64bit support.





5.AR OS.

AR-OS is a free and open source multimedia centric implementation of the Amiga OS. The narcot of AR-OS is Kitty, created by Eric Schwartz and officially adopted by AR-OS team in the 2nd of December,2002.







Aranym is virtual machine which imitate 68040 CPU and Atari Hardware. And Aranym is an Operating System which can be used with other Operating Systems easily. Though its user interface is not good but its performance is quite well.






Its a quite uncommon, free and open source of Operating System for Pentium and compatible processors. Its purpose is to create and easy-to -use desktop OS for the home and small office user. It has a native web browser, email client, media player and many more apps. Another versions of Syllable OS is the Syllable server which is based on Linux core.






Its a computer Operatio System originally designed by Acorn Computers Ltd in Cambridge in 1987. It was specifically designed to run on the ARM chipset. After the break up of Acorn in 1998, development of the Operating System was forked and seperately continued by several companies. The latest release of RISC Os from RISC OS Ltd is 6i1,shipped in December,2009.





Its a small open source x84 Operating System written from Menuet OS in 2004 and run under independent development since. Multi-tasking, graphical desk top, USB support , media play-back and many others facilities are kept in it. Over all its a nice Operating System.







Its an Operating System used by Apollo/ Domain line of workstations manufactured by Apollo computer , Inc during the late 1980 OS. It was one of the early distributed OS. Its latest release is Domain-OS SR





Here I have presented only 10 OS but there are many other operating systems in computer.

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