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Hide your drive without any software .

Sometimes we need to hide any drive from computer. We can hide drives by using software. But, can you do this without software?
Let’s see how can we hide any drive without software . Just follow the steps below –
1. At first click on windows key and go to run . Then type cmd .


2.You will get a black window. Like the picture below –


3.Then type diskpart and press enter .


4.Then type list volume and press enter . Here you will get the list of your drives.


5. Then type select volume X . Here X means drive name. For example, you want to hide drive E . Then type select volume E . That means volume E has been selected.


6. Then type remove letter X . Here X means drive name.
You work is done. Restart your PC . You will see that drive X has been hidden.


Now how can you get back the hidden drive?

Just follow the steps 1,2,3,4,5
That means –
click start-> run -> cmd -> type diskpart-> list volume -> select volume X

Then type assign letter X . X means drive name .

Then restart your PC . You will get back your drive .
Warning: Do this if you have any experience to do work on CMD mood before.
Thanks for reading . If you have difficulties to understand , inform me in comment.

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