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Shortcut keys for Facebook


Facebook is a one of the largest social network in the present world. It helps us to connect with our friends. Today I an going to share some shortcut key of facebook with you. By using it you can save your time.

These keys will be different for various operating system & browser. For Mozilla Firefox press these key along with Alt +Shift. The keys are given below:

M – send new message
? – go to the search engine & search your friend
1 – go to the home page
2 – go to the profile page
3 – send friend request
4 – send message to someone
5 – show notifications
6 – go to account settings
7 – go to privacy settings
8 – go to news feed
9 – this will show you the statement & right engagement of facebook
0 – this will open the help center of facebook
J – this will show the next post of news feed
K – this will show the previous post of news feed
L – like any post or photo

If your operating system is windows & browser is google chrome or internet explorer, then use Alt in stead of Alt+Shift. For Mac operating system use Function+Ctrl and for other browser use only Ctrl key in stead of Alt+Ctrl.

Thank you.

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