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Tricks : Shortcut keys for Windows 8

Windows 8 is a new operating system for pc. It has many new features, which has made it a different type of operating system. Many of us has started to use windows 8. We have to know the shortcut keys of windows 8 so that we can save our time. Today I am going to share some shortcut key of windows 8.

* Windows Key + Tab => Opens the App list to the left, tapping tab again lets you switch through the list.
* Windows Key + C => Opens the “Charms” menu to the right, where shortcuts like Search and Settings are.
* Windows Key + I => Opens Settings.
* Windows Key + T => Cycle through screenshots of open apps.
* Windows Key => Takes you to the Metro Start menu.
* Windows Key + Space bar => Switches the input language.
* Windows Key + , => Show desktop temporarily.
* Windows Key
+ Shift + . => Docks current app to left, right, or center of screen.
* Windows Key + M => Takes you back to Desktop.
* Windows Key + Q => Opens up Search in Metro.
* Windows Key + Enter => Opens Narrator, a program that reads text for youand shows you tips.
* Windows Key + Page Up => Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the left.
* Windows Key + Page Down => Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the right.


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