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Amusing world: Black Web.

Internet is the most important service in our daily life. We find any thing in the internet that we need. Now a days we receive education, enjoy movie and song, buy and sell goods and perform many other works using internet.

We can find any thing in internet using largest and powerful search engine, like google, bing and more. But most amusing thing is that we use those search engines to search internet that can display only 10% of of whole contents.

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Now question is where 90% contents of internet?

I will try to explain about this as much as I know in this article.

We divided web in three kinds.

* Serface web.

* Deep web.

* Dark web.


Serface web.

Generally we access which web is called serface web. They are indexed in search engine.


Deep web.

Deep web is not indexed in any search engine. Only we can access to those sites if we know the address. We can not use internet with full protection. Service provider can track our browsing log and supply them to government or any spy group. So, this web don’t able to give fully protection for hacker group or any indivisual who want to save themselves from others. For this reason deep web was created.

Why search engine can’t find this web?

Search engine track website by Crawler ( Virtual robot ). Crawler tracks website using HTML tag.  So, those owner want to protect their site from search engine, they use Robot Exclusion Protocol. On the other hand search engine tracks only text. But many deep web sites are created by flash format. So, search engine can’t track those sites.

 D w 3


Dark web.

Dark web is super protected system. You can’t access to this web in general way. To access this web you have to use particular software. Most populer dark web network is Pseudo-top-level-domain. The extention of those sites is .onion. Those sites addresses are very complicated and no leteral meaning. General web browser can’t access to those addresses. To visit those sites you have to use tor browser. Tor browser hides  your location. So that no one can able to track your location. When you try to access to a onion site, tor browser send your request within hard encryption to onion proxy. Onion proxy makes your data as a incomprehensible script. Then send your requested data to self-serviced router within hard encryption. Then the router send it to another router within hard encryption. Then more and more. Any router cann’t define that which router sends data. Even if any person is able to hack your data, don’t define who send it. After this process last router send data to tor browser. Tor make your data to readable script. This is part by part process. So, this network called onion network. Black market and terrorist group use this network and protect themselves. You can buy things in black market with unbelivable discount.

D w 2


Some dark web address.

http://3suaolltfj2xjksb.onion/hiddenwiki…/Main_Page Hidden Wiki Mirror


==Personal Pages and Blogs==

http://3suaolltfj2xjksb.onion/index.html TriPh0rces Page (library and software)

http://7ceq7omeec5zg3yx.onion/index.html LNX80’s Page

http://ay5kwknh6znfmcbb.onion/ Buried Into Darknet – Buried’s Page

http://b2psupe2rienya5n.onion/ Americans for Disparity


==Search Engines==

http://nstmo7lvh4l32epo.onion/ The Abyss

http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/index.html DuckDuckGo



http://wn323ufq7s23u35f.onion/doxviewer.php DoxBin

http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/imageboard/ TorChan

http://jntlesnev5o7zysa.onion/ The Pirate Bay


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