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Shortcut keys of microsoft windows!!!

Sometimes we have to do a lot of work within short time on computer.

But, using both mouse and keyboard we kill our time. You can use these shortcut keys below to do your work easily without time killing.

Shortcut keys of  Microsoft Windows:
1. CTRL+C  [Copy]

2. CTRL+X  [Cut]

3. CTRL+V  [Paste]

4. CTRL+Z  [Undo]

5. DELETE  [Delete]

6. SHIFT+DELETE   [Delete permanently]

7. F2 Key  [selected item Rename]

8. CTRL+A  [Select all]

9. F3 key  [Search a file or a folder]

10. ALT+ENTER  [View selected item properties]

11. ALT+F4  [quit the active programme]

12. ALT+SPACEBAR [Open the shortcut

menu for the active windows] 13. F4 key  [Display the Address bar list in

My Computer]

14. SHIFT+F10  [Display the shortcut

menu for the selected item] 15. RIGHT ARROW [Open the next menu to the right] 16. LEFT ARROW  [Open the next menu to the left] 17. ESC  [Cancel the cur.]

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