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How to view notifications you’ve dimissed on android

The Android notifications menu sometimes fills up so fast, it’s easy to clear it without properly checking it. If you’ve done this, and think you might have accidentally swiped something important into non-existence, you can still get it back. Stock Android users can recover lost notifications on their Android device by finding the Android notification history. For devices with a different UI (such as Samsung’s TouchWiz), this approach might not be available, but there is an app-based solution.

How to access android notification history

The notifications log was first introduced all the way back with Android 4.3 Jellybean, and is still accessible from Android Lollipop through Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat. The Notification Log enables you to view deleted notifications (in fact, you can see all system notifications), but it is only accessible through an almost-secret widget. It seems that you need to enable the Developer Options first to unlock the widget on some phones.

To unlock the developer options, go into your phone Settings > About Phone and then tap on the Baseband version several times. After 3 or 4 taps, you’ll get an on-screen notification letting you know you are now a developer (it also adds a new section in your Settings menu).

1. long-press on your home screen, then choose “Widgets.” This setting could be found elsewhere depending on which phone (or launcher) you’re using, but at this point it should be fairly ubiquitous.

2. Scroll down until you find the Settings option. Pull that out to the home screen.

3. A new menu will immediately open, with a slew of options for you to choose from—this is what the Settings widget will link to. Find the “Notification Log” option and give it a tap.

4. Boom, that’s really all there is to it. From this point forward, you only need to tap this little icon to jump straight into a list of all your notifications, both current and dismissed. Keep in mind, however, this won’t actually take you to said notification when you tap it—it’ll instead open all the intricate details of the notification. You know, mostly bug tracking stuff for developers.

However, some device manufacturers, like Samsung, don’t support notification log. Does that mean you cannot access deleted notifications on your Samsung device?


After all, there is an app for that, too! To access lost notifications on Samsung, download 3rd party apps from Google Play Store like:

Past Notifications 
Notifications history
Notif Log notification history
Notification saver

Instead of using inbuilt bland Notification Log you can use these enthralling Notification history apps on any Android phones, whether that be of Samsung or any other OEM.

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