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The Windows 10 Creators Update delivers a lot of exciting features and enhancements for the Settings app.Although the Settings app was introduced in the initial release of Windows 10, the latest version has brought loads of new functionalities in the Settings panel.

Settings on Windows 10 is the place that allows you to personalize your experience, change system and networking options, customize features, such as the Start menu, notifications, taskbar, and Lock screen, and configure Bluetooth devices, printers, your mouse, and a lot more.

On version 1703, the Settings app gets more options, new settings sections, interface tweaks, and it migrates a number of features from the old Control Panel experience.

System settings

On Settings > System, the Display page gets a complete overhaul reducing the steps to change your screen resolution, and a new drop-down menu makes it easier to change your scaling settings.

Some features are removed from this System Settings panel of Settings. However, the following features are new in this latest version of Settings panel.

Shared experiences: This function helps users to open apps, send a message and on any other devices running the same Microsoft account. However, this is also possible to share apps and send messages to any nearby device.

Night Light

Similar to Apple’s Night Shift and Android’s Night mode, Night light on Windows 10 helps to reduce the amount of blue light your display emits. As a result of less blue light, you’ll see warmer colors in your display to prevent eye strain and improve sleep quality.

You can turn on or off Night light within the Display settings, but you can click the Night light settings link to change the color temperature, set up a schedule to lower the blue light automatically, and turn the feature on of off on-demand.

Storage Sense

This is a new feature that allows Windows 10 to automatically free up space on your device by deleting temporary files and those items you sent to the recycle bin.

Personalization settings

Although most of the options are same, a couple of new options are included:

Themes: Windows 7 like the Theme feature is back again in Windows 10 v1703. Microsoft removed that functionality from previous versions of Windows 10. However, now you can download your favorite themes from Windows Store. Apart from that, you see some options like Background, Color, Sounds, and Mouse cursor.

Apps settings

To the Apps & features page Microsoft adds new changes to keep pushing Windows Store apps. Starting with version 1703, you can now block users from installing apps that aren’t from the Store, which helps to keep your device protected and running at peak performance.

Default apps: This section of Settings panel will let you manage default apps in Windows 10. You can change or assign your favorite app as your default file opener.

Offline Maps: Offline maps has been moved from “System” to “Apps” section of Settings panel.

Apps for websites: Another feature from “System” panel is moved to “Apps” section. You can manage the website that can be opened by an app here.

Accounts Settings

Dynamic Lock:Dynamic Lock is a feature that will automatically lock your computer when it detects that your phone has moved away from it.This feature is particularly useful for organizations to add an extra layer of security for employees who may have to work with sensitive information.

Gaming settings

Game bar: It helps users to record games, screenshots, and live stream the game.You can configure Game bar to open using a button on your controller and decide whether to show the bar when playing games in full-screen.

Game DVR: It assists Windows 10 users to control how your machine is capturing your game.the Game DVR page includes options to control game clips and screenshots settings.

Broadcasting: as the name suggests, this option helps users to control how your game appears when you live stream it.

Game Mode: this is one of the best options since it helps users to optimize your computer for a particular game so that you can get the best performance while playing.

Ease of Access settings

the Narrator page now includes the ability to download and install braille support on Windows 10.

After installing the new components, you’ll see a new Braille (beta) section, which you can use to enable or disable the feature, add braille display, change language and table grade.

Privacy settings

Now you can directly turn on speech services and typing suggestions. This option is now included in Speech, inking, & typing

Tasks: This is a whole new sub-category listed in the Settings panel. You can add tasks, manage apps which are using Tasks, and much more.

Update & security settings

Troubleshoot: This option will aid you to fix common problems related to internet connections, audio, printer, Windows Update, Blue Screen, Bluetooth, hardware, HomeGroup, keyboard, power, network adapter, audio recording, etc.

Find my device: This is another new setting available in Windows 10 V1703 Settings app. You can find your lost device, and track a lost laptop and much more. Also, you can turn off this functionality.

Windows Defender Security Center: From here you can manage all your security settings.

If we’ve missed anything that you think is worth pointing out, head to the comments section and let us know.

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