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Clone any app in your Android Phone

Android do not allow users to install same app twice. But sometimes we really need two copy of the same app. Like, if you have more than one Clash of Clan ID, then you need to switch account with a lot of hassle. But if there are two app, then you just need to switch the app. Moreover, if your phone supports multi window, then you can play both at a time. So, let see how to clone app.

  1. Download App Cloner from here. This is the crack version. So, you will have all the options unlocked.
  2. Install & open the app. You will find a list of all the applications installed in your phone.Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-24-41
  3. Click on any application. You will have a window like this.Screenshot_2017-05-01-00-31-43
    Mark that, you can left the all option unchanged. Just clicking the Check Mark, will clone the app. But note that, you need the Clone Number if you are cloning the app more than once.
  4. Here I am changing some basic thing like Name so that I can differ.


  5. Now clicking the Check sign you will have a acknowledgement window like this. Click Ok and your app  will start cloning.Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-25-34Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-26-10Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-28-30
  6. Your app is now saved in App Cloner memory. You can save, install, remove or share this from Cloned Apk  tab.Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-28-37Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-28-47
  7. Enjoy your cloned App.Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-30-02

See you soon with new tricks.

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