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ITSegment review : Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft has now begun its general rollout of the Windows 10 Creators Update for PCs, the first major upgrade to the operating system since its Anniversary Update arrived last August.It’s not a massive change, and the Windows 10 experience won’t be that different. Instead, the Creators Update brings a lot of smaller changes behind the scenes, adding a few new settings, features, and apps to your PC or tablet.Indeed, a great deal of those new features will simply make Windows 10 a ‘better’ OS, with a more complete, more secure, and more cohesive user experience. That may well help to boost creativity – as well as productivity – in unexpected ways.

Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights in the Windows 10 Creators Update from ITSegment.



If you clean install Windows 10 Creators Update or simply purchase a new PC with Windows 10 preinstalled then you’ll notice Cortana shows up to guide you through the setup process. Cortana will use your microphone and speakers to listen to commands, including setting up a Wi-Fi network and keyboard layout.

It’s a neat addition, but you can always use your keyboard and mouse instead of your voice if you want to set up Windows 10 in a more traditional manner. Either way, the entire process of setting up Windows 10 has been greatly simplified, especially if you compare it to how long and complicated it took to get a Windows Vista machine ready just 10 years ago.




Microsoft is making changes to its notifications center (Action Center) in the Windows 10 Creators Update. Some of the quick actions have been refreshed, but the big change is sliders for both volume and screen brightness. Windows 10 users will welcome this change, as you’ll now finally be able to adjust these in smaller increments than the 25 percent levels that are currently offered as quick actions.


Paint 3D


One of the first announcements that Microsoft made regarding the Creators Update was a major overhaul for one of the most familiar built-in Windows applications. Paint 3D is a radical revamp of the classic Paint app, integrated with one of Microsoft’s key mantras for the Creators Update: “3D for everyone”.

Paint 3D, on the other hand, is one of the triumphs of the Creators Update. It encourages you to create simple 3D objects with a variety of textures, or incorporate more complex objects from the Remix 3D community site. (Want more? Check out our hands-on of Paint 3D, together with a how-to video to get you started.)

From there, you can export your 3D object to Windows 10’s existing, excellent 3D Builder app. The app neatly integrates a connector to a third-party 3D-printing service, which automatically imports your object and prices out its cost. But it’s heartbreaking to come all that way and discover that the total printing price is probably way too expensive to justify the effort.


Microsoft is focusing on improving the gaming experience in Windows 10 Creators Update. A new Game Mode in the Xbox app will prioritize CPU and GPU resources for a game. It’s designed to reduce background tasks and other apps from hogging all the system resources, and ultimately make sure that games run as best as they can on a Windows 10 PC.



Microsoft has also added Beam streaming (similar to Twitch) to the Xbox app for Windows 10, so all users have the ability to stream their gaming sessions to friends. Game Mode will need to be enabled on a game-by-game basis, but publishers should be able to enable it automatically in the future. Game Mode is enabled by default in Windows 10 Creators Update.




Microsoft has built its own version of F.lux into Windows 10 with the Creators Update. Dubbed Night Light, you can allow Windows 10 to reduce blue light from a screen after sunset or at a specific time in the evening. It’s much like what’s already available on iOS, macOS, and Android, but at least you don’t need a third-party app to enable this on Windows anymore.



Although it’s not strictly a Windows 10 Creators Update feature, Microsoft has updated its Photos app recently to support inking. It’s a much-needed addition that lets you pick a photo and annotate it and share it easily via email or social networks. Unfortunately, inking in Windows 10 Creators Update still isn’t everywhere. Even in apps like the built-in email client, you can’t simply jot notes down inside an email or annotate an attached image. Microsoft has a long way to go to bring inking to the center of Windows 10, but features like inking in the Photos app and Windows Ink are a sign it might eventually happen.




If you use a custom color for the Windows taskbar and other UI elements then you’re about to get a lot more options. While Windows 10 offers a number of custom accent colors right now, Microsoft is going to provide a picker with advanced options and the ability to preview what your crazy color might look like throughout Windows. It’s a nice change that will help people even further customize the look of Windows 10 to match a particular wallpaper or preference. Microsoft also appears to be adding video help manuals into the settings pages of Windows 10.



Dynamic Lock is a new Windows 10 feature that’s designed to be the opposite of Windows Hello. Known internally at Microsoft as “Windows Goodbye,” Dynamic Lock lets you automatically lock a Windows 10 PC when you’re away from it. You can pair Bluetooth devices like a phone or wearable, and Windows 10 will sense once the Bluetooth connection is too far away and lock the PC.

Overall, the Creators Update doesn’t have a lot in it and isn’t nearly as comprehensive as last year’s Anniversary Update. Microsoft has another major update planned for later this year, which should include a lot of notable new features and design improvements.


How to get the Update

Microsoft already declared that they will provide the update automatically to all of the compatible devices. But, how long you need to wait??

Don’t wait. Grab it now. Here is a complete guideline how you can update your PC to Creators Build. Click here to follow.

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