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How to change email account in COC (Clash of clans)

Changing email of Clash of Clans account is one of the most popular question. Because of personal problem, there are a lot of players want to change their Google ID or Apple ID of Clash of Clans accounts.

Many of us think, Is it possible to change Clash of clans Gmail account. Once created it can’t be change for a lifetime, is it so ? I always had a doubt on this matter and used to think What I need to do for changing my Clash of Clans Email Account ?
Question may emerge due to following possibility :

  1. You want to get rid of old Gmail account and start a new one with something that sounds cool.
  2. Bored of playing and would like to give away COC village to your best friend but don’t want to share personal Google account.
  3. Want to sell your full upgraded village for money but can’t because of Gmail account.




Lets come to the point directly on “How to change your email in COC”

Genuine reason with a humble request is only a way to change ID. You have to follow these procedures –

1. Disconnect your current gmail account from COC.

2.Open Clash of Clans, go to the Settings menu in game, tap on the Help and Support button.



3.It will be open a lot of categories of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding CoC. Select categories My Account.



4.Then select one of the main types of questions that are available. Once open, click on the Contact Us button at the top right of the box contents FAQ / Click on the chat feature in the top right corner





5.Fill in the message that contains why you need to change your email account are being used today with other email (also mentioned in the message). Make sure you provide clear reasons, dense, and not making it up. And use good English so easy to understand. Then do no tforget to fill in your name in the game along with the email reference.
For example I’ve used this message while changing my account..

Dear Clash of Clans  team, I have lost my village and here are my details:


Clan name: WAR OF 71 (#YVR29YJC) 

Player Tag: #88RYKYVJO

Town Hall: 10

XP Level: 146

I worked for a company, they gave me a gmail account which i used to sign in with my Clash of Clans village. Recently, I left that job and they took that gmail from me. They cleared my all google play games activity, unfortunately Clash of Clans is one of them. Now i can’t login to my village because there’s no village synced in that gmail as they cleared game data. I’ve made a good progress  and can’t give up now.  If any more information need to verify my authentication please ask and help me.



Usually (if accepted) you will get an email reply within 2-3 business days, and you will be asked to send details of the account coc you play like, the current levels, town hall, clan, and when the first time you play (can check in archievements). and follow the next steps that instructed in the email. Just please be patient to wait.

Clash of clans contact form:

If above steps dont work; for sendig message of lost village you need to fill the form.

Supercell contact form

will be receiving a mail from support team regarding the process. Don’t expect mail instantly as it may take few days to come. So this is the only way to Change COC Gmail Account (ID). If you successfully able to change then do share your experience. Clash On..!!

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