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WINDOWS 10 REINSTALL: Why? & How without losing data?

Many times we face a lot of problems with our pc.Sometimes to solve these,we have to reinstall which is not wanted all the time.Here comes the fear of losing data.Many pc users do not know it is possible to reinstall keeping all types of data.Today we will be talikng about that.

WHY to reinstall


1.Windows start menu is not working.
2.Windows apps are not working.
3.Windows system files are damaged.
4.Operating system is hampered by malware.
5.Any app is neither installing nor removing.
6.Operating system is damaged due to upgradation.

Guide to reinstall Windows 10 without data loss

You can apply this method if your windows 10 pc is bootable. If your PC is not bootable, you need to perform a clean install of Windows 10.

Step 1: First, Connect your bootable Windows 10 USB to your PC. If you have a bootable DVD of Windows 10, please insert the same in the optical drive.

And if you have Windows 10 ISO image file, browse to the folder containing the ISO file, right-click on it, and then click Mount option to open the contents of the ISO image in File Explorer (Windows Explorer).


Those of you who don’t have Windows 10 USB, DVD or ISO image, please download Windows 10 ISO image from Microsoft using the official Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. The tool, with default settings, downloads the edition and type (32-bit or 64-bit) of Windows 10 currently installed on your PC.

Step 2: Open up This PC (My Computer), right-click on the USB or DVD drive, click Open in new window option.


Similarly, if you have mounted an ISO image of Windows 10, please right-click on the mounted drive in This PC, click Open in new window option.

Step 3: Double-click on the Setup.exe file. Click Yes when you see the User Account Control dialog.


Step 4: In a few seconds, you will see Get important updates screen with two options:

# Download and install updates (recommended)

# Not right now

If your PC is connected to the internet, we recommend you select the first radio button labelled Download and install updates (recommended).


If you want, you may uncheck the box labelled I want to help make the installation of Windows better to avoid sending anonymous data to Microsoft about the installation.

Select an option and then click Next button.

Step 5: Upon clicking the Next button, the setup will start checking for updates. If you selected Not right now option in the previous step, you won’t see this screen.


The tool might take tens of minutes to check for updates.

Step 6: Next, you will see the License terms screen where you need to click the Accept button to proceed further.


Upon clicking the Accept button, the setup might look for updates and download them, if available.


You might see the following Making sure you are ready to install screen for a few minutes. At this point, the setup checks your PC can run Windows 10 and also checks if there is sufficient space required for the operation.


Step 7: Finally, you will see the Choose what to keep or Ready to install screen.

If you get the Ready to install screen, click the link labelled Change what to keep, and then select Keep personal files only. Click Next button.



And if you get Choose what to keep screen screen instead, you will see three options:

1.Keep personal files and apps

2. Keep personal files only

3. Nothing

Since we are here to reinstall Windows 10 without deleting your files, select the second option labelled Keep personal files only option before clicking the Next button.


Tip: You may also select the first option labelled Keep personal files and apps option if you don’t want to lose apps installed from the Store. That said, if you have issues with one or more modern apps like Edge or Photos, please select Keep personal files only option.

Select Keep personal files only, and then click the Next button. The setup will once again make sure that you’re ready to install.

Step 8: Finally, you will see the Ready to install screen once again, this time with Install button.


Click the Install button to begin installing/reinstalling Windows 10. All your files will be where you left them. You will only need to install your favorite programs again.

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