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How to maintain cell phone hygiene without damaging your phone.

Life without smartphones seems to be difficult. They are taken anywhere and everywhere. In their course of journey to everywhere, smartphones accumulate germs. It’s true. A Study conducted found out that an average smartphone has more germs than a toilet seat. Gross it may sound but it is quite right. It is very important to keep your gadgets clean and germ-free. That said, of all the gadgets, smartphones are hardest to clean as they are self-contained units. With daily proximity to mouth and hands, they are some of the dirtiest things you come across in routine life. Here we have listed some tips that will help you maintain your smartphones easily.


Tools You Will Need

A soft microfiber cloth becomes your best friend while cleaning the smartphone. It is advisable not to replace the cloth with tissues or even paper towels. These contain such abrasive particles that might scratch the surface of your smartphone. Every smartphone has hidden areas or areas that are not accessible easily while cleaning. To clean such corners, hunt toothpicks, cotton buds or Q-tips in your office or home and put them to good use. If you get hold of a used toothbrush, use it in inaccessible areas. You will also need a cleaning solution above all to return that shine to your phone. You can even invest in a UV sanitizer that helps clean the device with light. This kills off the germs and keeps your smartphone germ-free.

The Simplest – Clean, Wipe, Repeat

It is important to wipe your smartphones often, in fact, daily. Anti-bacterial wipes are the best tool to do that. They are easily available in the market. If there are multiple smartphone users at home, cleaning kits turn out to be economical. What if you can prepare your own kit for cleaning smartphones! For this, you just need a spray bottle full of white vinegar and distilled water. There are other recipes available too. Choose the one that suits you. However, use the liquid sparingly. And even wipe down the residue with a dry cloth.

Invest in Screen Protectors

We understand that your smartphone will lose its smartness with a screen protector. However, to prevent it from accumulating grime, screen protectors are a must. These protectors stick to the smartphone screen beautifully and protect them like a guard. Make sure to change the protector when required. Also, wipe the screen regularly to remove remaining particles. Screen protectors double up as guards that prevent screen smashing if and when the phone drops.

Areas not to Miss While Cleaning

Make sure you run cotton swabs through tiny cracks and crevices to clean out the dust and grime that has settled there. Clean the camera lens and the area surrounding it as it is exposed even after applying a cover to the phone. There are many parts of the chassis of your phone that you might not have gone through while using. You would come across them while cleaning and make sure you do not skip them. Do not skip your headphones while cleaning the smartphone. For cleaning headphones, the trickiest part, use some dish soap solution and wipe them down. Ensure removing silicon covers on the headphones and clean them separately with a toothbrush. Before using them again, allow them to dry completely. You should be thorough and gentle at the same time to ensure your smartphone works even after cleaning.

Safety Tips You Should Follow

Make sure your phone is turned off while cleaning. Unplug any cables before beginning the cleaning process. Make sure not to use commercial cleaning products available in the market for cleaning smartphone. Avoid using liquid for cleaning as it might damage the electronic devices. Be careful while cleaning. Avoid disintegrating the phone completely as you might not be able to put it together again. Keep a bowl of dry rice handy. If in case your phone gets soaked during the process, keep it above this bowl. Rice helps absorb the extra water and helps save the device. Make sure not to use hairdryers to speed up the process of drying. Your smartphone cannot bear high temperature.

Smartphones are things that are used daily yet they are not cleaned as often as they should be. Make sure your smartphone looks good and feels good too. If you are not able to clean it on your own, get professional services for the same..

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