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How to download all videos at a time from a Youtube playlist or channel using IDM

Today I am going to show you how to download all videos from a youtube playlist or channel using Internet Download Manager.

You can download the full version of Internet Download Manager form here.

At first I will show you how to downloading all the videos from a playlist. Just follow the steps. Easy and simple.

Downloading all videos at a time from playlist

  1. Go to any youtube playlist. It will look like the following screenshot.youtube playlist
  2. Click on the playlist name (i.e. looks like shown with red box in the upper picture) and you will be redirected to a page like below. Youtube playlist page
  3. Copy the playlist link.
  4. Now, what you will have to do, go to http://youtubemultidownloader.com.youtube multi dowloader
  5. Clock on the Playlist form the navigation bar and you will have a playlist download tab below the advertise like the following picture.54615610
  6. Now paste the link which we copied from the youtube playlist in the Playlist link. You can change the video quality as you want and click on the Download. 4Wait some moment and it will generate link for the all videos for in the playlist.
  7. After completing click on the box showed in green color in the following screenshot and click Ctrl+A to select the whole text and Ctrl+C to copy. You can also copy by mouse. 5
  8. Now go to IDM and go to Tasks > Add Batch Download from Clipboard. 6
  9. Now IDM will grab all the files from the links and you will have a window like the bottom. You can select Check All or select manually. You can select the folder where the files will be downloaded from the Save To tab. 7
  10. Now click Ok and you will have a little window like below. You can select the existing queue or you can create a new queue (i.e. here I created a queue named Tutorials).9
  11. Now click Ok and may be you can have a new window like the following (if not don’t worry). Here have some advance settings, change this if you need those or leave those as it is and click Start Now and then Apply.10
  12. If you don’t have the window like the step eleven then go to IDM and click on the Start <Queue Name> (in this case Start Tutorials).
  13. We are done. Now your videos will be downloaded automatically.

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Downloading all videos at a time from Channel

It’s little tricky but simple. Here we go:

  1. Go to the channel and go to videos from the navigation bar. 6565
  2. Now you will see the following page. Select All Videos from the drop-down lis464165
  3. Now you will have a new page. Click on the Play All and you will be redirected to a playlist. Then just follow the step which I describe before for downloading from playlist. 54645

Learn, Share and Enjoy. Thank you.

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