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How To Reset Windows Store App In Windows 10

The Windows Store in Windows 10 has tens of thousands of free apps. In addition to apps, you can also buy games, movies, music, and TV shows.

Ever since the release of Windows 10 back in July 2015, many users have been experiencing a variety of issues with the Store app. Many times, the Store app simply refuses to launch, hangs while opening or automatically closes soon after launching.

Users are also experiencing issues while downloading and installing apps and games from Store.

If you are also experiencing an issue with the Store app and none of the solutions out there on the web helped you fix the issue, you can consider resetting the Store app before reinstalling the Store app.

Yes, starting with Anniversary Update (version 1607), Windows 10 allows you reset default apps, including the Store. Microsoft also recommends you reset the Store if the app is not working right.

NOTE: If you’re using a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10, resetting the Store will not sign you out of Store. However, if you are using a local user account, you will need to sign in to Store again after resetting the Store app to buy apps or see your purchase history.

Reset Windows 10 Store app

Complete the given below directions to reset Windows Store in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Settings app by clicking its icon in the Start menu or simultaneously pressing Windows logo and I keys (Windows logo + I).

Step 2: Click System icon, and then click Apps & Features. You should now see all installed apps as well as desktop programs.

Step 3: Click on Store app to see Advanced options link. Click Advanced options link.

Step 4: Click the Reset button to see a dialog with “This will permanently delete the app’s data on this device, including your preferences and sign-in details”. Click Reset button again to reset Windows Store app. That’s all!

Once the Reset job is done, a check sign appears next to the Reset button indicating that the Reset was done successfully.

As said before, resetting Store app this way will not sign you out of Store app if you are using a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10 but local account users need to sign in again.

Open the Store app now. If the Store app refuses to open, please sign out and sign in, or restart your PC once.

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