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Choose the best Processor for your next PC build (part 4)

This is the fourth part of this article, continued from last-line.

Intel Socket 1150: The Mainstream Eclipsed

Now, it’s more likely you own a PC with a motherboard supporting Socket 1150 than Socket 2011-v3 or LGA 1151. (Don’t confuse 1150 with the older, incompatible Socket 1155 or 1156.) You have a ton of chip choices here, and the best max-performance value we’ve tested is the Core i7-4790K if you’re overclocking-minded. This chip delivers excellent quad-core performance and Hyper-Threading, allowing for eight cores of simultaneous processing.

i7 4790

The Core i5-4570 is still plenty powerful for mainstream tasks and gaming, though its four cores don’t feature Hyper-Threading, and this chip isn’t unlocked for overclocking.

These older CPUs aren’t the fastest Intel processors you can buy, but they deliver excellent muscle for the dollar. And if you’re on a limited budget or you have an existing Socket 1150 motherboard you’re happy with, you can put the money you save into a better video card, an SSD, or other parts.

Unless you don’t care that much about long-term upgrading or features like fast M.2-based SSDs, we wouldn’t buy a new 1150-based motherboard at this point. But an upgrade from a low-end 1150 processor to a pinnacle 1150 chip like the Core i7-4790K could snag you some worthwhile performance gains.


Intel Socket 1155, 1156, 775: Moving On…

Here in 2016, you won’t see these three end-of-life platforms in new pre-built systems, though you may bump into them in older refurbished or overstock/used PCs. If you have a system or motherboard using one of these platforms, it’s probably worth shelling out for both a motherboard and a CPU, if you’re upgrading.

If you have a motherboard based on one of these, populated with one of the lesser chips on a given platform, upgrading to another chip using the same socket is probably not worth the trouble today. You might be able to gain a bit more performance, but you’ll get much more real-world impact from a whole new motherboard and CPU. That’s because the new board will also probably have attractive new features your old board didn’t, like USB 3.0 and 6Gbps SATA.

Note that Socket 1150 is well on its way to joining these three sockets, with Skylake’s Socket 1151 now on the scene, so bear that in mind before making too big an investment in that platform, either. Get a new motherboard and CPU, unless you can upgrade within one of these families very cheaply.


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