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Display Battery Percentage in Windows 10 taskbar

With default settings, Windows 10 displays a battery icon in the system tray area of taskbar. The battery icon on the taskbar gives a rough idea about the current status of battery’s charge level but it’s hard to make out the actual remaining battery capacity by having a look at the battery icon.

Modern smartphone operating systems as well as desktop operating systems such as Android, iOS and macOS offer an option to show the percentage of battery charge.

Sure, you can hover the mouse cursor on the battery icon on the Windows 10 taskbar to see the remaining battery capacity in percentage but clicking on the battery icon each time to know the remaining battery charge in terms of percentage doesn’t make sense at all.

Would not it be nice if there was an option to show battery percentage on your Windows 10 taskbar instead of the default battery icon? Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t offer an option to replace battery icon with battery percentage, at least for now.

BatteryBar free version for Windows 10

Rather than clicking on the battery icon every time you want to know the remaining battery level in terms of percentage, you can download a free software called BatteryBar.

The basic version of BatteryBar is a free utility for Windows operating system to give you some useful information about the battery. The free version of BatteryBar program can display accurate battery percentage on your taskbar without taking much space.

Enabling and using BatteryBar

The BatteryBar appears on the taskbar right after you install the program. But if it’s not showing up taskbar, right-click on the empty spot on the taskbar, click Toolbars and then click BatteryBar to show BatteryBar on your Windows 10 taskbar.

The BatteryBar icon, as you can see in pictures, is modern and blends very well with other system icons on the taskbar such as Wi-Fi and Volume.

With default settings, BatteryBar displays time remaining instead of battery percentage. Simply perform a click on the BatteryBar in the taskbar to toggle between time remaining and percentage.

Hover the mouse over BatteryBar percentage to see information about the actual capacity of the battery, discharge rate, remaining time, full runtime, battery wear and elapsed time since last charge.

The basic, free version of BatteryBar doesn’t display low, critical and full battery notifications. Also, there is no way to change or customize the default look of the BatteryBar on the taskbar with custom themes and fonts. That said, the default look of the BatteryBar is really nice.

Overall, BatteryBar program is a ridiculously simple program and works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well.

If you’re looking for a smart way to show battery percentage on your Windows 10 taskbar, download BatteryBar basic version (free) right away.

Last but not the least, the BatteryBar program is very low on system resources. So you can keep it running all the time without worrying about resource usage.

To close BatteryBar program, right-click on it and then click Close Toolbar option.

Tip: Once you add BatteryBar to the taskbar, you can either hide the original Windows 10 battery icon.

You can download the app by clicking here.

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  1. I wrote a better solution, which looks exactly like other taskbar icons and also open-source.

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