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Safe Use of Social Media : Think before you share anything!!!


Facebook, Twitter are the most popular social media now a days. Day by day, the popularity of social media is increasing and also the crime using social media is also increasing. Now, the cyber criminals are doing Identity Theft. This is process, they will use your personal information to do illegal work.

For the safe use of Facebook or other social media, we should think before sharing anything on the social media. Though it is not recommended to share birthdate, current location etc., we all share this. But the experts says that though we share our birthdate, location etc., we never should not share some information on Facebook or social media, even not by mistake.

  • National ID Card, ATM Card, Driving License: Many social media user shares their happiness by uploading the picture of their NID, ATM or Credit Card, Driving License; when the first get them in hand. But this is strongly prohibited. Cause, by doing this you are sharing your personal identification details. Using these information, the cyber criminals may do illegal activities using your identity. That will cost you a very much.




  • Tour Plan: Do not share your upcoming tour plan. Cause you could be embossed if you share these thing on social media.




  • Bank Account related information: Many users shares their first salary’s check in excitement. Never share these things. Your bank details will be copied by the cyber criminals and they will might go for the unauthorized use of your account information.


So be careful. Be safe while using social media. Thank You.

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