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Print Special Character using ASCII code in C programming

Hi, Hope everyone are in good health. Today I will you how to print special character and alphabets in C programming language using ASCII codes. It is very simple and easy.


Source Code:

1 #include<stdio.h>
3 int main()
4 {
5      int n;
6      n=33;
8      printf(“%c”,n);
9 }



As you can see, we declare an integer variable ‘n’. We initialized the variable to 33. Now here is the twist. In the printf() function we use the format specifier “%c” which is for character. So, it will print a character. Which character? As ‘n’ is carrying the 33, this will print the character followed by the ASCII Table. Try changing the value of ‘n’. ASCII-8 contains 255 character.


Find out the full ASCII Table from here.

 ASCII Table  ASCII Table

You can try something like the following image using ASCII codes:



Thank you. Have fun. Happy Coding 🙂


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