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Try Arch Linux if you want to learn Linux

Linux is an Unix-like Operating System based which is designed in under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution. There are many popular distribution of Linux. One of most popular and may be the best is Arch Linux. Here, I discussed little bit about Arch Linux.


Arch Linux

The Arch Linux is designed in the principle of the KISS (keep it simple, stupid). It was released in the year 2002. Here are some important information about Arch Linux.

Home Page http://www.archlinux.org/
Mailing Lists http://www.archlinux.org/mailman/listinfo
User Forums http://bbs.archlinux.org/
Alternative User Forums LinuxQuestions.org
Documentation http://wiki.archlinux.org/
Screenshots LinuxQuestions.org
Screencasts LinuxQuestions.org
Download Mirrors http://www.archlinux.org/download/ • LinuxTracker.org
Bug Tracker http://bugs.archlinux.org/
Related Websites Planet Arch • Arch for Raspberry Pi • Wikipedia • Arch Brazil • Arch Chile • Arch Denmark • Arch France • Arch Germany • Arch Hungary • Arch Italy • Arch Poland • Arch Russia • Arch Spain • Arch Turkey
Pros Excellent software management infrastructure; unparalleled customization and tweaking options; superb online documentation
Cons Occasional instability and risk of breakdown
Software Package Management “Pacman” using TAR.XZ packages
Available Editions Minimal installation CD and network installation CD images for 32-bit (i686) and 64-bit (x86_64) processors
Suggested Arch-based or Arch-liked alternatives Manjaro Linux (live with Cinnamon, Enlightenment, KDE, LXDE, MATE, Openbox, Xfce), Antergos (live with GNOME 3), ArchBang Linux (lightweight with Openbox), Chakra GNU/Linux (live CD with KDE), Bridge Linux (live with GNOME, KDE, LXDE and Xfce), Parabola GNU/Linux (free software), KaOS (live with KDE)
Wikipedia Arch Linux




Why you should use Arch Linux:

Arch Linux is the best rolling-release distribution out there. However, the reason behind this is that Arch excels in many other areas, too, and that’s why you can use it as my main operating system.

  • Arch Linux is a great distro for those who want to learn everything about Linux. Because you have to install everything manually, you learn all the bits and pieces of a Linux-based operating system.
  • Arch is the most customizable distribution. There is no “Arch” flavor of any DE. All you get is a foundation and you can build whatever distro want, on top of it. For good or for worse, unlike openSUSE or Ubuntu there is no extra patching or integration. You get what upstream developers created. Period.
  • Arch Linux is also one of the best rolling releases. It’s always updated. Users always run the latest packages, and they can also run pre-released software through unstable repositories.
  • Arch is also known for having excellent documentation. Arch Wiki is a powerful resource for everything Linux related.
  • What you will like the most about Arch is that is offers almost every package and software that’s available for “any” Linux distribution, thanks to the Arch User Repository, AUR.


I am sure, if you use Arch Linux, you will fall in love with this. Thank You.


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