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How to Use Google Drive (Part -2: Serial Tutorial on Cloud Storage)


Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Hope everyone is on good health. In my previous post I discussed about Cloud Storage and its advantages and disadvantages. Today I will discuss about how to use these. There are so many cloud storage both with free and paid services. The most popular Cloud Storage are:

The Google Drive is a cloud storage is provided by Google. It gives 15 GB free storage to all user. You can upgrade this storage with a monthly or yearly fee.

Onedrive is provided by Microsoft which provides 5 GB free storage to all user. It can be upgradable to higher storage with monthly or yearly payment system.

With a very easy user interface Dropbox will provide you 2GB free storage. Like the all other you can upgrade it to a higher storage but you have pay for that.

You will get 50GB of free storage, and it’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Though, it has only been around since 2013, but it has carved out a good reputation for itself.


There are more popular Cloud Storage. You can find them out by searching on google. Today I will show you how to use Google Drive. So, let’s get started.


Accessing to Google Drive


To use the google drive you just need a google account and that’s all. You can use it from Computer and Mobile phone. Just fill up the google account form and that’s it. You can now access to google drive and storing, sharing your data.

Step 1: Create a Google Account:

Follow the link. You will have a form like this.

Google account sign up form
                                                Google account sign up form


Add photo to your google drive
Add photo to your google drive


Fill up the form with correct information and go to next step. In the next step you will have to add a photo (you can skip this).



Now you are done. Your account is created.

Welcome to Google


Step 2: Go to http://drive.google.com.

Step 3: Login with your email and password which you created on step 1. You will have a page like this.

Google Drive
                                         Google Drive Landing Page

Using Google Drive

Now we are ready to use google drive. Left PaneIn this tutorial I will show the basic things. These things works same on Desktop, Mobile Apps and Web Browsers. Let See how our google drive looks like at the first look. In the top there are search bar and a Apps list to jump to other Google Apps, Google Plus Notification Icon and your Account’s Icon. On the Left Side it looks like this:


Let’s See How these works:

New: By clicking this you can add new folder, upload new files, upload a folder, create docs, sheets, slides, forms etc.

New Button

After creating it will looks like a folder in your PC. You can copy, cut, rename everything and most important sharing. I will discuss the Share option later in this post.

Shared with me: This will show the files which friends or colleagues shares with you.

Trash: This will be like you recycle bin. When we delete a file, it will go to the trash folder. Then you recover or permanently delete this from here like PC.


Sharing File From Google Drive

You can share the files in two ways:

  1. Publicly
  2. Personally.

Publicly : To share publicly use get shareable link option. For this right click on the file or folder you want to share. You will have the option “Share”.


Click on this. You will have a dialogue box where you will have a link. Copy this link and share it with anyone. Anyone with this link will be able to view your file or folder.













You can change the access and sharing type. Click on the “Anyone with the link can view”.


You will have “more” option. To change the sharing type click on the more option. From here you can change sharing type.




Personally: Right Click on the file and click on the “Share” option. Click on “Advanced” you will have a dialogue box like this.





Here you can add the person you want to share and how can they access the file from the drop-down beside the person’s name. You can also prevent the persons from adding new people from the option below.


If you have any question ask in the comment. Thank you for staying with us.


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