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Online judge (wrong answer, presentation error, runtime error , compilation error, time limit exceeded)


Today I will discuss you the most common error reply when we submit a code to a online judge. Let’s discuss these:

Wrong answer:

While submitting problem in different online judge we face problem in wrong answer. Online judge judge your program as a wrong answer when the given input output didn’t match. Some time we match the formal input output but we got wrong answer after judging. But your program must have to go through some critical input output. As the range of the given input. You have to notice at your datatype range.

Such that if the problem tells about (0<n<100)…then your program should run within this range. For datatype range like (if the program tells about 32 singed integer then you should use the format identifier range should be above 32 bit. You can use long or big integer in your program). Again for a new line you can get a wrong answer.

Presentation error:MTAyNHg3Njg14972723_14909429

Your program is correct but they are not in the way that judge
output ( cheek space, new line ,upper case lower case letter or spelling mistakes);

It’s better to copy the output syntax while coding.

Compilation error :

If your submitted program can’t be compiled in the standard compiler you will get compilation error . This a good practice to follow the standard syntax while coding. Like in C language if you don’t declare function globally you will receive a compilation error again if you use strrev() function in C that doesn’t support by standard compiler. For that you will receive compilation error. So it’s better to know about standard syntax of the language you are coding.

Runtime error:

If your program fails during the execution (like segmentation fault, floating point exception etc.).

If you declare an array in c language in range 100 but your program have to run more than the size you declare in that case you can get runtime error. Even the cause of runtime error doesn’t reported by the online judge to avoid hacking .

Time limit exceeded (TLE):

You may receive TLE when your code take more time for execution. Like a compiler can do about 10^18 task in a second. But if your coding quality is so poor then it will take much time and you will get TLE. Like you can easily calculate the sum of 1 to 100 using loop. For that the compiler does only hundred task. But  if you use n*(n+1)/2; then the compiler will do one task. Can you imagine how many times you save?????????

It’s better to change your algorithm if you got TLE. And  using of bitwise operator will save your time..

Memory limit exceeded:icfp12-desc

If your program takes more memory than the judge allow you will get Memory limits exceeded.



It’s a beginner level post. Who is new to coding. After all I think that it can help you in future life. Popular Online Judges are (UVACodechef, Codemarshal, URI, Codeforces, LightOJ).

For more information stay with us and if you face any problem you can comment in the comment box we will try to reply as soon as possible ..happy Coding…

How online judge works?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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