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Windows Hidden Tricks & Tips

Recently Microsoft has launched their new OS, Windows 10 by making the customers to wait eagerly! Windows 10 got some bugs along with lots of hidden features with it! This one has changed the total interface of operating system and loaded with fully unique features. Anyhow some folks don’t have much idea about Windows 10 hidden tricks 2016.

Here’s some Windows 10 Hidden Features and additional entries! Let’s check it out!

Top & Best Hidden Windows Tricks 2016

  •    1. How to Change the taskbar color in Windows 10?

>> Jump to your desktop and right click to open the option Personalize.

>> Then click the Colors and choose your desired color. These changes will be made on both Start Menu and on Taskbar. If you want you can go with automatic option “Automatically Pick an accent Color” which will set you a matching color for your desktop and make your desktop looks awesome!

  •    2. How to Add folders to the Start Menu in Win 10?

>> Just Right-click the desktop and Select Personalize.

>> Then click the Start and select “Choose which folders appear on Start.” That’s it!

  •    3. How to Remove tiles from Start Menu in Windows 10?

>> Click the Start button and right click on the tile you want to remove.

>> Then choose “Unpin from Start” found down below to remove the tiles from Start Menu!

  •    4. Tweak on Start Screen in Windows 10

>> Again Right-click the desktop and choose Personalize.

>> Then Select Start to Turn on “Use Start full screen”. That’s it!

  •    5. How to change the Notification Settings

>> Click the Start button and navigate to Settings.

>> Then click the System and select “Notifications & actions.”

>> Now just pick your desired settings to get as notifications.

  •    6. How to Turn on Inactive Page Scrolling?

>> Go to Settings and click Devices.

>> Then select ‘Mouse & Touchpad’.

>> Then just check the ‘Scroll in-active windows when I hover over them’. That’s it!

  •    7. How to Turn on “Hey Cortana” in Win 10?

>> Select the Notebook option and go to Settings.

>> Now just turn on “Hey Cortana! That’s it!

  •    8. How to Create God-Mode in Windows 10?

>> Create a new Folder on your Desktop.

>> Then rename that folder to


>> That’s it! Now you should have seen an icon labeled as God Mode 😀

  •    9. How to Change Default Search Engine in New Edge Browser?

>> Run the Edge browser and select the button with three dots.

>> Then go to settings and choose “View Advanced Settings”.

>> Now just Pick a search engine by using drop down menu “Search in the address bar with”.

  •    10. How to Disable automatic restarts in Windows 10?

>> Go to Settings and jump to “Update & Security.”

>> Then just click the Windows update option.

>> The choose “Advanced Options” and select “Notify to schedule restart” from drop-down menu. That’s it!

And we got you a list of some usable Windows 10 Shortcut keys!

WIN + G [Game Bar]

WIN + X [Start button context menu]

WIN + K – [Connect Wireless devices]

WIN + H – [Share content]

WIN + A – [Open the Action Center]

WIN + I – [Open Settings app]

WIN + S – [Search Windows]

WIN + C – [Voice Search Windows]

WIN + D – [Reveals Desktop]

WIN + L – [Lock]

WIN + SPACE – [Change input language]

WIN + Ctrl-Left or Right [Virtual desktop]

WIN + Ctrl + D [Virtual desktop]

WIN + Ctrl +C [Cortana listening]

WIN + Ctrl + F4 [Closes the virtual desktop]


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