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Sixth Sense – Innovative Upcoming Technology

What is SixthSense?
SixthSense is an upcoming innovative technology that turns the physical world around us completely into a digital one. This ingenious idea of making such a wearable computer and integrating it with the real world to such an extent was brought by some brilliant MIT students.
And I am sure about it that one day this technology will be a integral part of our lives. It will be one of the biggest achievement if they will be successful in doing so.
So let us see, what sixthsense gadget really is, how it works and what it can really do?

About SixthSense Prototype
A mini projector, a camera and a mirror constitute the sixthsense prototype and it has to be connected to a internet-connected computing device (mobile) that has to be in the user’s pocket. The above picture describes this prototype in a more precised manner.
But the sixthsense prototype shown in the above picture was too odd to wear and move around and therefore it was decided to make it look good and make its size as small as possible. And therefore a new prototype was made in the shape of a pendant which consists of all the hardware components required. The picture below depicts it more precisely:

How Does It Works?
With the help of the projector, we can visualize any information on any surface, thus it provides us the interface to work in whereas the camera senses and tracks the user’s hand movements. Therefore, the tip of the user’s fingers are covered with colored markers also known as visual tracking fiducials so as to locate the user’s gestures by simple computer-vision techniques.

What ‘SixthSense’ Gadget Can Really Do?
Well, there are tons of tasks which can be performed by it and still there is a hope for many more. Some of them are:

  • Map application allows the user to go through and navigate maps on a near-by surface.

  • Drawing application allows the user to draw on any surface as comfortable.
  • It can also snap pictures as per the requirements of the user and then the user can go through the photos he/she has taken on any surface.


  • It also senses different icons and symbols like if the user draws a symbol of @ in the air, it will detect it and will show the user his/her mails to check them out.
  • A user can see live videos on any newspaper, live train position or any other information regarding any other subject as it tries to recognize the surroundings and to enhances the information by projecting more information on the same.

Well, to build the current SixthSense prototype system, it costs around Rs 21900 or $350. We hope that this astonishing technology may come soon so that we can also have a feel of it. Undoubtedly, it will be a revolutionary gadget.


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