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The easiest way to increase the number of people of Facebook Groups and Page.

Many facebook users open groups and create pages in facebook as like me. But the admins have to add their friends in his groups or invite to like their page one by one. Sometimes its very painful and boring because they might have many friends.Today I shall tell how you can add/invite your friends by doing only one click. The tricks are available for Computers and can be done by two browser. The browsers are
Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox . Lets see the procedure.

*Add all of your friends in your group

Google Chrome:- 1. Add this Extension
with your Chrome browser. After adding the Extension button will appear on the right side of your browser.
2.Go to Facebook. If necessary, log in to your account and enter into your expected group.
3. Click on the Extension button.
Thats over. Refresh your browser and you can see all of your friends are added in your group.


Mozilla Firefox:- 1.Go to Facebook and enter into the group.
2. Then press Ctrl + Shift + K and you can see a box.
3. Paste the code in the box that I have given it below.


4.Click Enter. Wait untill all of your friends are added. After sometimes you can see that all of your friends are added in your group.
5. To remove the box press again Ctrl + Shift + K.
Thats over.

*Invite all of your friends to like your page :- The process is same for the both browsers.
For Google Chrome you have to add this Extension.


For Mozilla Firefox you have to add this Add- ons


Then log into your facebook account and go to your page. And go to invite your friends. To invite all click on See all.

After that , a box will open and you have to click on Select all


Click on Submit and all of your friends are invited easily.


There is also a Chrome Extension by which you can do the same work. But Its the easiest.

If you wish , you can get it from Here

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