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Top 10 things you don’t need if you have a smartphone..

Mobile phone is a portable communication device, which otherwise termed as cell phone or cellular phones. It can either be used for voice calls or as a messaging device.

Mobile phones have done miracles for mankind. You can do many things with your mobile phone, which were impossible 10 years ago. You used to keep many things with you for various reasons. but, with the advancement of mobile phones, you can perform all those things with some simple touches of your fingers. Here are the 10 things you don’t need if you have got a mobile phone:

1. Alarm Clock: In past, we used to set an alarm for the next morning in our table clock. But now, this important task  is done by the mobile phone. Almost 80% people use their mobile phones for setting an alarm instead of a table clock.


2. Watch: Although wrist watch is still a symbol of fashion, many people use their mobile phone to know the time. Thus, wrist watch is going to be used for only fashion purpose in near future.


3. Torch: If you need a torch light, you don’t have to carry it now. As, most of the mobile phones are now equipped with a flashlight or torchlight.


4. Mirror: Are you in need of a mirror to comb your hair? Don’t worry! Just use your phone’s display as the mirror. If you have a front camera in your phone, you can use it for this reason easily.


5. Camera: In recent past, people used to keep a digital camera for taking photos in any occasions. But now, they take photos with their mobile phones. Camera phones have become more powerful and cheap now-a-days that everyone have got one now!


6. Radio: In the recent past, people used to keep a radio at their home or work place to enjoy the programmes. But now they can use their mobiles FM Radio for this purpose.


7. Books: eBooks have become more popular than the paper books in recent past. People can keep hundreds or thousands of book in a small memory card. They can instantly find what is needed. So, they have preferred to read eBooks in place of paper books.


8. Diary: Diary is an important notebook which we need to write our important notes. But now, people uses Digital Diary for this purpose. It saves time as well as keeps your data totally safe.


9. Calendar: Calendar is needed for many reasons. But don’t worry if you don’t have one. As you have got a mobile phone, the calendar is in your hand now. You can easily look for your desired date in the mobile calendar.


10. Calculator: Calculator is needed for calculating in daily life. But, now people don’t need a calculator, as every mobile phone has a calculator in it.


There are many other features of a mobile phone. But these are most important in daily life.

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