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Your Windowsphone isn’t working!!!How can you hard and soft reset your phone

There are many instances of your phone boot up working that mean it become irresponsible.This can be occurs due to hardware or software even the combination of both.Among the smartphone windowsphone also share this issues.If your phone creates random rebooting, not respond and not boot you will soft and hard reset your phone.
So how can you reset your phone if it is not working.
Here’s the way-
1.Soft reset
Soft reset for windowsphone is very simple,you need to press and hold volume button and home button together for 10 seconds.After sometimes your phone will vibrate and you can see the booting screen once again.This step will useful if your phone wasn’t booting or crashed while working or even not responding when it was in it’s position.
Once your phone will restart you can realese the button.

2.Hard reset
According to the official method you can reset your phone by opening Setting>About>Reset your phone.This will bring the phone back to factory defaults.
Again what can you do if your phone don’t response for hard reset?Then you can reset your phone using the hardware buttons.
*Hard reset is handy if the phone is completely unresponsive.You can hardly reset your phone by pressing volume+power+camera together until your phone vibrates.Then realese the power button only and hold the others button for another five seconds then realese all the buttons. Your phone will hardly reset.

*Before resetting your phone I recommend you to take a backup of your data.
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