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Do your work simply by google !!!!

People are using largely google for search engine to
find out information . But sometimes they have to face
many problems to find out correct information .
You can find out your wanted things easily by using
some keywords. You can also do some work by it.

**Google as calculator
You can use google as calculator .Use plus(+), minus(-),multiplication(*)
division(÷) sign .Then put equal (=) sign after your required calculation .
example: (9+5=)

**Google as dictionary
You can use goole as a dictionary . For this, use “define” before the
required word .
example: (define:technology)

**Use google to find out audio file
To find out your audio file – intitle: “index of ” mp3 “your file name”

**To find out definite website
To get the right website of download link of any movie or important file ,
just type site: www.rhmbubt.com “Movie name”

**To find out synonym
You can also know synonym of a word . just use (~) this sign before the word .
example: (~technology)

**To find out e-book
To find out the link to download important book type intitle:
“index of” Your book name .

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