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Top 10 Google ChromeExtensions for Faster, BetterBrowsing

Google chrome has been the most used
internet browser in recent years. It’s easy
to operate, very fast, user friendly,
attractive and full of Extensions that can
be downloaded directly from Chrome web store..

What is Google Chrome Extensions?
Extensions are the extra features that a
browser offers for various actions. These
extensions are not integrated with the
browser. You have to download and
install them according to your need. They
make your works easier.

Where can I find Google Chrome
You can download any extension of
Google Chrome from the official Chrome web store.
It offers thousands of Free
Extensions for you. Just use the search
box to find your desired Google Chrome

How to install an Extension in Google Chrome?
Once you find your desired extension by
searching, click the Extension name. Then
you will see a page with“Add To Chrome” button.
Click that button. After a while, you will
see a new small window with ADD
button. Click that button and your
Extension will be downloaded and
installed in your Google Chrome


1. Facebook For Google Chrome :
Automatically checks new notifications
and inbox messages. No need to
keep Facebook tab open!

2. Ad Block : Blocks unwanted adds in
webpages, reduces page loading time.

3. Stop Autoplay For YouTube :
Prevents auto play of YouTube videos
while an YouTube page is loaded.

4. Checker Plus For Gmai l: Automatically
checks new Emails in your Gmail Inbox
and sends you notifications.

5. AddThis Share and Bookmark : It
helps you share and bookmark any
webpage in most of the social sharing

6. Alexa Traffic Rank : Must have
Extension for website owners. Ranks all
websites in the world.

7. Google Calender: Helps to find
upcoming events on Google Calender.

8. Photo Zoom For Facebook : Zooms
Facebook photos on mouse hover.

9. Speed Dial : Makes Speed dial tabs so
that you can easily visit all your favourite
bookmarked websites.

10. Fastest Chrome: Automatically loads
the next page so when you click next, the
next page appears quickly. Browse faster!

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