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Information Technology (IT).

IT means information technology. It has become the buzz word in the world . No one is out of it . We all are related to it directly or indirectly. Our development is much dependent on it . It has risen us to the top floor of development . Technology means the use of scientific things . Modern world is using many scientific things which are part and parcel of our life . One of them is Computer.

Computer : Is a calculational machine . It is invented for calculation . It can perform very complex calculation . But beside of calculation it can perform many other operation . It can play audio and video compact disk. It is used to play different indoor games . It is used in medical , agricultural , scintific reasearch issues .

Something about the history of compuer :

Charles Babbage invented the first computer . He first invented his computer in 1822. Charles Babbage is called the father of computer . He was born in England .

Alan Mathison Turing , an English scientist developed the computer. Electronic computer that we all see today is a contribution of Alan Mathison Turing . He was born on june 3rd 1912 in London , England.

Konrad Zuse invented the first freely programmable computer . He was born in 1910 and died in 1995 . He earned the title of inventor of the modern computer for his series of automatic calculation .

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