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Computer Hang!!! What will you do?

There are many causes for computer hang.your new computer will be hang if there is a problem in hardware.

After using six months your computer can be hang for different causes.
The first cause is over hiting your computer processor because of dust on cooling fan.To solve this problem you have to clean the cooling fan with blower.You can also use cooling gel on processor.


Being hot in the power supply can be damage any parts for this why it can not supply volt properly.Or if your power supply fan is working good but the computer can be hang for damage of power supply.To continue you have to replace your power supply.If you use your motherboard for long time,the capacitor of the motherboard can be pumped.For this cause it can not supply volt properly.
Mainly A pc hangs because of RAM.You have to use RAM according to your motherboard configuration.You can use one RAM instead of two RAMs to get better performance.
Those problems are related to computer hardware but many times computer can be hanged by virus.To solve virus problem,you have to use powerful antivirus like avast,caspersky,windows security essential etc.

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