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Turn Your Nokia Symbian Phone into Local WiFi File Sharing Server

In this post we are going to share, how to turn your Nokia
N8 or any other Symbian smartphone into a WiFi File
Sharing server. That will help you to share your N8′s files &
data (for instance, videos, images and anything else) with
any other WiFi enabled device over WiFi. Upon successful
completion of this tutorial you’ll get the directory listing of
your shared content by accessing local URL. We will use
eZSpot Premium WiFi Hotspot & Remote Multi Drive Apps to
perform the desired operations. Initially you have to enable
Mobile Data & WiFi together, however 4 – 5 seconds later
you can surely turn off Mobile Data / GPRS / 3G to save
your data costs.

9 Steps to Turn your Nokia N8 into Local WiFi File Sharing

1. First download the zipped file from here.

2. Install eZSpot Premium WiFi Hotspot App.

3. Install Remote Multi Drive App.

4. Enable both Mobile Data & WiFi from the notifications

5. Run eZSpot Premium WiFi Sharing App and navigate
towards settings & enable WLAN encryption and set your
WLAN Passphrase and save it.

6. Turn ON eZSpot WiFi Hotspot and monitor the time
running, keep it running for 4 – 5 seconds and then you
can switch of your Mobile Data from Notifications panel to
save data costs. And keep the eZSpot WiFi hotspot app /
connection running in the background.

7. Run Remote Multidrive App and configure the shared
content folder (It can be any drive or folder from your
Nokia smartphone) from remote multi drive app settings,
then save it & hit on START button. It will show you local
URL something like this: http://192.xxx.x.x ( Later you have
to use this URL in step 9)

8. Now connect to eZSpot Premium WiFi hotspot using
your laptop or any other WiFi device (It could be any
laptop, smartphone or tablet device with WiFi support) and
enter the WiFi password key that you set in step 5

9. Now try to access the local URL
address http://192.xxx.x.x that was generated by Remote
Multi Drive
App in step number 7 and your browser will let
you browse the shared content from your smartphone
which you had selected in step number 7.

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