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Type × & ÷ Easily with your keyboard….

Hi Everybody.
How are you all?

Today I am going to share a tricks for you all. All always use various symbol durig our work on microsoft office or other software. We use the × and ÷ symbol in our work. But there is a big problem with this two symbol. Because in keyboard, there are * and / instead of × and ÷. So we have to find in symbols for these.
It is really horrible and take time. Here is a solution of it.

We can use × & ÷ symbol with our keyboard. It is very simple way & will save our time.

Let learn it…

Type “Alt+0215” in your keyboard and you will the × Symbol..
In the same way, when we will type “Alt+0247” in our keyboard, we will get a ÷ symbol.

Thank you all.

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