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How to hack a website. Hacking a website:-

Now a days “Hack” is the most panic word
for everyone. In the past, hacking was used
for learning information about systems and
technology in general. Everyday, a large
number of websites are hacked for the
safety of social and mental activities. A
common question can rise in your mind
that how it is possible to hack a website. In
this post, you will learn that how could you
hack a website in a particular process
within a short time.
Primary steps:
Sound Knowledge about Programming:-
Before hacking a website,at first you
should have acquit knowledge of
programming. If you don’t know about this,
you couldn’t understand processor. There
are multiple variations of it. You can’t
exploit a programme if you don’t know
Select your target:
You should select the target by the process
of gathering information about your target.
The more you know, it will so easy for you.
You should select the weak websites. Now
a question can rise your mind that how
could you find the weak websites. By using
Dork you can find this. Then you have to
find the Vulnerbility. In these facts, you can
use Google,Yahoo or Bing search. But
using tools is more easier method. These
tools will help you to find 300-500 or more
Vulnerable Website. Even you can gather
master password by this method. The
method is to search “Index of master
Examine the weakness:-
After getting the weak sites, you should see
the limit of weakness. You can use some
softwares like acunity. You can also do this
manually. You can also use some apps
from Windows which are made by hackers.
These are fully portable. By using these you
can find the Vulnerbility of the website.
Gathering information:-
You should gather information about the
website which you will hack like where it is,
where it’s ISP and it’s server. To gather you
can use URI search,mywhois
search,domain lookup.
This step is critically linked with gather
information. For attacking you must know
user password and admin panel. You can
also use tools for example by SQLI helper
of RELUKE. You can attack the targetted
sight. Here there are three methods like
1.get 2.post 3.cookie.
There are more tools in the internet.
Hide your track:-
Don’t let know the admin that his website
is hacked. Don’t do any change the pattern
or systems of the website. Hack as quickly
as possible.
These hacking tips should be used for
those websites which creates social and
mental problems. This website wiill not be
responsible for any kind of misuse of this

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