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Pendrive not Formatting ???

Pendrive is a very useful derive for us. Sometime we can’t format our pendrive when it is affected by virus. If it so happens then we have to format it in alternative way. At first we have try the simple method of formatting. “Right- click” on the drive and click on “Format”. If it not formatted then use the alternative way.

Press “Win key + R” to start the “Run”.
Write “cmd” in the box and run it to start the command prompt.
Type “format Driveletter:” (such as: format F:)
Then press “Enter” & after the command has run you have to “Enter” again.
This may take a while but the drive will be formatted.

If you do not be satisfied with the way or you are looking for another simple way then download the unlocker software. Click Here

Install the software on your computer.
Then right-click on “Pen Drive” icon and click “Unlocker” and select “Yes” in the message .
In the unlocker window select “Delete”.
Then click on “Unlock” or “OK’ button.
If the pendrive is locked, it will be unlocked. You will be notified via a message if the drive was not locked.
After unlocking, Format the Pendrive in the same way.


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