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Play Games in Code Blocks


Feeling boring after a long time coding??? Then refresh your mind playing some games. No need to go to another app. You can do it in Code bBlocks. There are preinstalled plugins to play games in Code Blocks. Let’s see how it’s works. Just follow the steps: Go to Plugins. ...

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Self-driving Ubers are now arriving


Uber has begun offering customers the chance to ride in one of its autonomous car prototypes. The new service has launched in Pittsburgh, where Uber carries out its high-tech research, and is a sign of confidence by the company in its self-driving car technology. The service is initially being offered ...

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Try Arch Linux if you want to learn Linux


Linux is an Unix-like Operating System based which is designed in under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution. There are many popular distribution of Linux. One of most popular and may be the best is Arch Linux. Here, I discussed little bit about Arch Linux.   Arch ...

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